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There are a lot of good development professionals; some of them even understand development for evangelical ministry. PennellChing is led by people who have actually been leaders in one of the world's largest ministries. They understand ministry strategy, funds development, and how they are connected.

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Marshall Pennell is a Christian leader, son of a pastor, innovator and strategic planner. The Pennell’s have 4 daughters, three sons-in-law, and 7 grandchildren.

Marshall Pennell Marshall Pennell

Jessica Ching was born and raised on the mission field and has a heart dedicated to the Great Commission with experience in administrative ministries and project management.

Jessica Ching Jessica Ching

PennellChing Development consists of workers dedicated to the Great Commission and specialize in fundraising activities such as capital campaigns, major donor events, donor relationship analysis and building, correspondence, planned giving, radio, internet, direct mail, video, art direction, creative design, budget development, banquets, conferences, seminars, goal definition, and more. The PennellChing offices are on the 17th floor of the Atlantic View Beach Club building on North Hutchinson Island in Southeast Florida.

PennellChing Development